At Idris Barbering we acknowledge the importance of a strong team, When recruiting we're not only looking for raw talent but for a connection and friendship which works both in and outside the walls of our shop. As well as experience our staff have a burning passion to learn and to create.

 Thomas Forman
Our boy Tommy, after flying through London School Of Barbering and picking up his share of competition winnings on the way, Tom found his way into our shop. Living up in nearby Walthamstow you'll be welcomed with a big smile before jumping in the chair.  Tom specialises in beards and shorter choppy styles, not to say he cant handle more of a mane when asked, and as part of the LGBT community Tom fully gets behind our ethos of everyone and anyone being welcome.

You can expect to chat about local coffee spots, music from all times past and absolutely anything Sci-Fi. Book online now with Tom or pop on in for a chat to see how fun he is for yourself. 


Matthew Hughes
Matt has come with 10 years experience in the industry and has been lucky enough to rub shoulders with some pretty talented people, working in Edinburgh, Milan, Berlin and London. He loves to keep things classic with the hair, but mis also more than happy to pick up his tools and carve something a bit more 'out there'. Living further down the Victoria line to Tom, Matt makes his way up from Finsbury Park. You'll catch him in the pubs most evenings tying to keep his eyes open as he nurses a pint.  Granddad to all, barber to some.

Come on in for a chat about travelling, and pubs where the music stays nice and quiet. Book online to get seen.